Tuesday, July 1, 2014

All Present and Accounted For!

I have good news, bad news, and just.....news.

The good news is everything from "Company N" and "Company T" arrived today.   

"Company N"s box arrived.  This evening I took the time to set out everything I need for the first 3 days in 1 small kitchen drawer and put the rest on top of the fridge so I don't forget where I put it later.  Yes, I know myself this well. ;)  Since the supplements change on Day 4 I didn't want to make the mistake of putting more than Days 1-3 in the drawer so I don't accidentally take the wrong thing.

I've been running around with "Company T"s product since Fed Ex dropped it off this afternoon.  I wore it to town where I was planning to take it swimming but instead took it for several short walks.  Since 5 PM I've walked 3,143 steps which is far more than an "average" day here at home but I will take it. :D  While I was at dinner I noticed something somewhat unusual.

Apparently my heart rate has REALLY gotten to being in VERY bad shape since the last time I monitored it on a regular basis prior to my last pregnancy.  I'm borderline tachycardia numbers!!!!  My resting heart rate was between 97 and 103.  I was STUNNED at this news and it shows me just how much my health is beginning to suffer since a high resting heart rate is a precursor and signal to many other problems.  I promise each and every one of you that if these numbers do not improve by the end of the initial challenge I will go find a new primary care doc and get this sorted out.  Mine moved away last fall and since we're rarely sick or need a doctor finding a new one just hasn't been a priority.

One more reason I need to get up, get moving, and get my health in order.  I am looking forward to starting tomorrow but will also freely admit I'm more than just a little nervous.

Pray with me, and for me, and as always, I will be praying for all of you. 

~ Mission Mama

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