Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Day 1

AM: (9:30ish)

Took my weight on the new scale and new measurements this AM.  That was depressing.  *sigh*  Due to it being a natural time of the month when I tend to add a few (and possibly the brownies I ate 2 days ago?) my weight spiked an extra 5 lbs.  Either that or my old scale was 5 lbs off 3 days ago.  Could be a mix as well.  On the upside, it will make the ending numbers all that more impressive, right?

I am curled up right now with "Company N"s "energy drink".  Please don't think I'm pouring a ton of unhealthy garbage into my system.  :)  I promise, it's a healthy, B vitamin 8 oz pile of what turned out to be actual yumminess. :)  They *claim* along with the energy that it will help with mental clarity and a few other things.

I consider that in 1 of 2 directions.  Either it's a very good thing and it works which means they must be rather confident in the product.  It's the first thing they recommend you take.  If it provides mental clarity and this stuff stinks there's no way a sane person would continue.  The alternative is that it's a bunch of bunk.  We shall know in the 30ish minutes it takes for it to kick in at which time I have to start my "cleanse phase".  Nervous about the cleanse thing but..... we'll go for it.  If it tastes half as yummy as this "energy drink" I think I can do this!

AM: (10:00ish)

Finished the "energy drink".  Will drink faster next time - as it got warm because the ice melted the taste kind of tanked for me. Before it getting warm, it was actually REALLY good so the proof is in the pudding.  If you're coming back to find tips, definitely keep it in a Blender Bottle OR have a spoon handy.  It does start to settle with time so you need to keep swishing.

AM: (11:30)

Survived what is "rumored" to be the "worst" part of this experience.  The "fiber drink".  Actually it tasted really yummy and I was somewhat sad to have to "chug" it down because it quickly solidifies into a pudding-like substance.

I was supposed to eat a real breakfast this AM after taking the 2 supplements listed above (along with an amino acid supplement I forgot to tell you about...sorry).  I am SO full from all the liquid (2 drinks and 3 glasses of water) that I had 0 appetite so I opted to have a meal replacement shake instead.  I chose the chocolate (favorite flavor) and I have to say, it was pretty gosh darn tasty.  For the rest of the day my Blender Bottle will take a nap while I focus on eating actual food.  Once I get John down for a nap I'm going to go take a nice walk and reflect on how easy this has been.

It's been one of those 24 hour periods where you truly see God shining upon you and you know you are doing the right things.  What a beautiful day!

PM: (8:00)

I had to run to town today.  Spent some time at the pool helping my oldest learn to swim and walked around Walmart - minor eating crisis at McDonald's but survived with a Bacon Ranch Salad w. grilled chicken without the bacon.  The entire meal came in just under 200 calories and was perfect.  Snacks for the daytime were 1 pear and 1 apple.  Easy and quick when driving to/from town.

Came home and made the boys pizza for dinner.  I had turkey w. broccoli and cauliflower and a side of brown rice w. quinoa.  Rather yummy if I do say so myself. :)  Dessert was some grapes and I'm calling it for the day.

120 oz. of water consumed (that is a LOT of water in case you're doing the math).  One VERY interesting side note is that when I put my heart rate monitor on today some interesting research took place.  Without my beloved diet soda my heart rate was not just normal, but on the LOW end of normal at 72!!!!!  Apparently this will be a permanent change, at least in that aspect.  I can't be stressing my heart out that way!!!!!

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