Thursday, July 3, 2014

Day Two

7:00 - Woke up with a blinding headache,  Went back to bed.

9:45 - Woke up.  Headache still there.  Taking their energy drink to see if it's caffeine withdrawal.

11:00 - Gave up and laid down for 30 min. Still feel like dirt.  Trying not to throw up.  Thinking trying to increase the amino acid supplement might not have been the best idea.  Going to try and eat 2 crackers and see if I can keep that down before I try to take anything more.

(never ate the crackers due to another wave of nausea)

2:00 - Just finished lunch.  I finally felt well enough around 1:30 to have my fiber drink.  I feel right as rain again now and all is well. :)  My special thanks to those who prayed when I posted online.  I know it really helped.  My extra special thanks to my family who helped out this AM with a myriad of different things trying to help me feel better.  This really shows me that you care about my health too. 

It looks like increasing the amino acid supplement probably caused the nausea and the herbal cleanse tablets I took last night *might* be the culprit for the horrid migraine.  I'm going to skip them tonight and see if all is better in the AM and then try taking 1 instead of the 3 suggested and see what happens. :)

As a disclaimer - this is *not* saying their products are garbage.  I am SO sensitive to medications that I can't even take more than 1 NyQuil liquigel at one time without getting sick.  Since I don't take many pills, etc it doesn't take much for it to have an effect.  If anything, it's more than likely a testimony to the product and a general reminder to anyone else like me that you *might* need to take it easy on yourself and keep an eye out for things like this, especially with a new supplement you aren't used to taking.

For those following the food I just ate a chicken and cucumber sandwich on Wheat Montana's Montana Multigrain w. extra cucumber slices on the side.  I'm sure some of you are jumping on the "no wheat products" bandwagon but if I may offer a piece of advice, if you want to reintegrate and/or clean up your eating, look for products such as those from Wheat Montana which are made with 100% non-GMO wheat.  I noticed a HUGE difference in how I feel when I ditched GMO wheat.  :) 

7:00 - Still doing far better. Stuffed from trying to get over 1200 calories using only healthy food and less than half a day to eat it all in! LOL

Heading out for a walk in a few minutes.  It's been too hot to go before now - of course "too hot" to me here is "normal" for most of you. :) Still a bit tired but much better than earlier. 

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