Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Good Stuff...and Day Three

Here is a "Day Three Recap" since I was entirely too exhausted to post last night.

I will freely admit that I was scared to start this program because during this 24 days I had the 4th of July AND my oldest son's birthday.  We also go on a camping trip this time of year.  The bottom line is there will ALWAYS be something.  Had I waited until after the camping trip I would have run into "Not Back to School Day" (the biggest "party" of the year for our homeschooling world) and most likely Memorial Day.  Wait until after that and I'm running into Festival Days.  A little later, Halloween.  Thanksgiving.  Christmas.  New Year's. 

There is ALWAYS an excuse.  There is always another "something" right around the corner.  Making the conscious choice to change what you're doing will not work if you aren't willing to do 2 things:

1. Commit to something you can do for the rest of your life.
2. Make room in that something for "special days". 

If you can't do that, don't even attempt what I'm doing or anyone else's "fitness and health path".  It's a great way to just disappoint yourself and then end up in 15 lb. gain binge.

Yesterday was Independence Day and this is always a big one for the family.  We have a big BBQ and then we hang out with all the neighbors and set off fireworks.  It's a blast.  I thought ahead, planned, and guess what, it worked!

Does this look like "depriving diet food" to you???

When the time for the "big bbq prep" came I simply made a few small additions to the menu that fit in with what I was doing.  In addition to the pork roast we traditionally smoke, we also smoked a turkey breast.  It didn't add anything to prep time and worked perfectly.  In terms of sides, instead of  corn, mac and cheese, and baked beans I opted to take out the mac and cheese and substitute roasted garlic potatoes and add green beans to the menu.

Wow... that took an extra....-10 minutes of time because I didn't have to boil the noodles, bake the pasta, make the cheese sauce from scratch, etc etc etc.

And everyone lived!

This would be the perfect time to mention that "Company N" does NOT expect 100% perfect compliance with their eating plan.  They know we're human.  They recommend 90% so I *could* have just "gone with the normal" and called it as part of my 10%.  I chose to make the adjustments instead because they were an easy fix....and I was only 3 days in.  I might genuinely NEED that 10% grace down the road so I made the choice to leave myself the extra wiggle room and toss some turkey and potatoes on the smoker.

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