Monday, June 30, 2014

Tomorrow My Gear Arrives!

Tomorrow the gear arrives and I will be getting ready to launch this thing!  Should Fed Ex deliver in the AM I will kick this off right away.  If not, Wednesday it is!

Today I took the liberty of going to the grocery store and loading up on the things I knew I would need. The fridge is now full of chicken, turkey, veggies, and fruit.  Before I go to bed tonight I'll be putting in a gallon of water with cucumber floating in it (my favorite "happy drink").

As I said before, I am NOT revealing what I'm doing until the end of this journey.  I will refer to any products I am using as being from "Company N" and "Company T".

"Company N" will be my nutrition company.  I will be following their meal plan with their requested "90% compliance" as well as using their supplements and products exclusively during the beginning of this journey.

"Company T" will be my fitness tracker.  Since I like to vary my fitness solutions I will be using an activity tracker which is designed to create a measurable but reasonable increase in fitness daily.  I don't want to reveal the tracker at this time as to be honest, I'm not 100% certain about it's choice so I want to give it a chance to prove itself, much like I am doing with "Company N".

As stated in the previous entry: I do not work for "Company N" or "Company T".  There has been 0 endorsements.  I paid retail price for both company's items.  I don't owe them anything and I am not making a dime off anything I say, good, bad, or ugly. :)

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