Friday, June 27, 2014

New Beginnings

As a part of my Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary I will be offering up the sacrifices of getting my health in order. 

Join me here for information on my journey - how I go about conquering morbid obesity through the strength of God alone (because I cannot do this on my own or it would already be done). 

I am working with a lovely lady named Dana who will be helping me through this journey.  I will be eating *gasp* actual food while I am on this road to be traveled.  100% of what I eat and recipes will be posted here for your own family to enjoy. 

The "grand kick off" is either Tuesday or Wednesday of next week (July 2 or 3) depending on when the package arrives in the mail. :)  Until then, I will be spending my spare time cuddling with my kids and loving my family because they are the blessings God has gifted me with and charged me with caring for.

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